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Oxford Dictionaries Online Pro

Oxford Dictionaries Online Pro

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

ID: ODO-992022-00

Product description is your destination whenever you need language guidance: every time you need to know the meaning or pronunciation of a word, how to translate it into another language, or whether you are using it correctly. Oxford Dictionaries Online is your first point of reference and your guide to the language of today.

Unsurpassed current English dictionary content: 350,000+ entries and definitions, and 600,000+ synonyms and antonyms
Responsive design makes the site accessible across all mobile devices
Almost two million full example sentences showing words in use
Audio pronunciations for British English and US definitions
Specialist dictionaries and usage guides for writers, editors and legal professionals
Guidelines to writing in everyday situations, from applying for a job to general correspondence
Updated four times a year.

Did you know? There are collective nouns for many different groups of animals and, whilst some are commonly known (such as a litter of kittens or a pride of lions), others are a little more obscure; have you heard of a descent of woodpeckers, a smack of jellyfish, or a knot of toads?

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Prices increase on 1st April each year. IP Address access only.

Format: Online
Key stage: 3, 4
Age range: 11-16+

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