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Oxford Classical Dictionary

Oxford Classical Dictionary

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

ID: OCD-992050-00

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Oxford Classical Dictionary - Annual Subscription Edition:

Now available as an online, continuously updated resource for research as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia range of titles (see separate entry for bundled rates). The transition from a static collection of articles and entries to a more dynamically digital environment embraces the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of Classics scholarship, and allows users to keep pace with current findings in the field.

The new Oxford Classical Dictionary transforms the acclaimed 4th edition of the text by offering accessible, interdisciplinary articles in a digital, multimedia-rich environment. In print since 1949, the Oxford Classical Dictionary contains over 6,500 entries, and is an unrivalled reference source for students and scholars of the ancient world. The Dictionary provides a solid foundation on a variety of topics and continues to serve as the go-to source for authoritative information.

- A foundation of continuously updated overview entries, peer-reviewed by an editorial board of leading international experts
- A gateway to further research and enquiry, with links to citations and related sources
- Integrates multimedia including video, audio, and dynamic maps

Oxford Classical Dictionary : Static Collection - Outright Purchase Edition:

4th Edition, 2012. Over 6,700 entries. Unrivalled in scope for over sixty years, this established reference work has been thoroughly updated for this edition to reflect modern scholarship. Written by distinguished scholars from around the world, it covers all aspects of the classical world from literature and history to religion, science, and archaeology. As well as providing factual information, the Dictionary contains many thematic entries on subjects relevant to the 21st century such as nationalism, race, gender, and ecology. Anthropology and reception have been added as new subject areas, covering topics such as creolization and kinship, as well as dance reception and translation. The most authoritative and accessible dictionary of its kind, this is an essential reference for both scholars and non-specialists with an interest in the classical era.

The annual subscription costs £108.00
The Static Collection Outright Purchase costs £137.00
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Format: Online
Key stage: 4, 5
Age range: 13-16+

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