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Oxford Shakespeare Online, NEW

Oxford Shakespeare Online, NEW

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

ID: OSH-992077-00

Product description

Crowning the Shakespeare 400th-anniversary year, The New Oxford Shakespeare presents an entirely new consideration of all of Shakespeare's works, edited from first principles from the base-texts themselves, and drawing on the latest textual and theatrical scholarship.

The three interconnected print publications and the online edition have been created by an international, intergenerational team of scholars under the leadership of Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan. The project's scope, depth, and vision provide the perfect platform for the future of Shakespeare studies.

"The New Oxford Shakespeare addresses 'the great variety of readers'-students, scholars, actors, writers, artists - in multiple formats, at multiple levels. It combines the best of previous scholarship with twenty-first century tools to find better solutions to old problems."

The Online edition brings the content of all three print volumes together as one powerful resource, presented on the Oxford Scholarly Editions Online platform

Modern Critical Edition
- Modern spelling for reading and study
- A complete Shakespeare for students and teachers
- Annotated with performance points and explanatory notes
- Timelines and compilations of historical and modern critical responses

Critical Reference Edition
- Original spelling from folio and quarto copy-texts
- A complete Shakespeare for literary and bibliographic scholars
- Detailed critical apparatus supports chosen readings and emendations
- Introductions cover original performance details and textual history

Authorship Companion
- The editorial principles of the edition for literary scholars
- Methods of statistical analysis for attribution studies
- A major contribution to the debates over what Shakespeare wrote
- Case studies on the authorship of problematic plays and passages

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Format: Online
Key stage: 4
Age range: 14-16+

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