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Oxford Research Encyclopedias

Oxford Research Encyclopedias

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

ID: OXF-992084-00

Product description

Oxford is building dynamic range of digital encyclopedia in over 20 disciplines that will be continuously updated by the world's leading scholars, scientists, and researchers. With expert editors and peer-reviews, the ORE Project will combine the discoverability of digital with the standards of academic publishing.

Each Oxford Research Encyclopedia will launch with between 200 and 400 long-form overview articles (equivalent to 2-4 million words, or a print encyclopedia with 5-11 volumes). They address both foundational and cutting-edge ideas, and inform your users' academic research, no matter their chosen topic or level of expertise.

User-Friendly & Accessible - the online platform makes qualified research easier than ever
Authoritative Resources - all ORE articles are written by certified experts of the topic
Ongoing Article Updates - reference articles are monitored by experts to ensure fresh and timely updates reflect new insights
Oxford Validated - all articles have been vetted and approved by editors at Oxford University Press.

Individual ORE Disciplines are available for Subscription now. Each module is priced at £108 and there is a 10% discount if ordering 4 or more titles. Please list the modules you wish to purchase in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS WITH YOUR ORDER box at the checkout.

African History
American History
Asian History
Business & Management
Classical Dictionary
Climate Science
Criminology & Criminal Justice
Economics and Finance

Encyclopedia of Social Work
Environmental Science
International Studies
Latin American History
Natural Hazards Science


ORE Disciplines Pre-Paywall (access to these subjects is free whilst still in development and includes free full-text articles)

Global Public Health

Planetary Science

Prices increase on 1st April each year.
Annual subscriptions provide unlimited user access throughout the school.
IP Address access only.


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