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Oxford Illustrated Dictionary of 19th Century Language

Oxford Illustrated Dictionary of 19th Century Language

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

ID: OID-992086-00

Product description

How to make sense of 19th Century Language for students around the world.

A browsable, unique dictionary which explains the interesting words found in 19th century language.

This dictionary unravels the intriguing, fascinating, and rich language of the most studied 19th century texts with clear explanations for unusual words, unfamiliar spellings, dialect, and expressions. Includes period timelines, panels and an illustrated section of photographs and artworks on the themes of transport, crime, fashion and more.

An ideal support for all students aged 12 and over, this dictionary helps to grow understanding of writing styles and culture, while the illustrations and early photographs bring the 1800s to life.

A one-of-a-kind dictionary that makes sense of the language of 19th century texts for GCSE students and beyond

Over 3000 words and meanings, including example sentences, and help with unfamiliar usage and dialects

Includes 24 colour-illustrated thematic pages in the centre of the dictionary of photographs and artworks which bring alive the social context, politics and scientific developments in the 1800s

Pricing available on request

Format: Print
Key stage: 2-5
Age range: 12+

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