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NewsBank provides Local, Regional, UK National and International newspapers in English.

There are now six different Newspaper Collections available that will suit all requirements and budgets. From the smallest collection of UK National Student Edition which includes 7 UK Nationals (including Sunday equivalents), to the largest collection, Access World News, offering worldwide coverage from over 4000 news sources.

Ideal for all Secondary, High, International Baccalaureate Schools and Sixth Form colleges. Newspapers are truly cross curricular covering Citizenship, Economics, Environment, History, PSHE, Sport, World Affairs and much more. NewsBank helps improve the IT and research skills students will need in further and higher education.

" Find a Topic"
This new feature allows users to easily search news articles by Topic such as Business & Economics, Education, Environment, Health, International Issues, Jobs & Careers, Leisure Activities, People, Politics & Government, Social Issues, Sports, Technology (may be subject to change).

Each Topic lists subjects within the topic, and once selected, will search across all the Newspapers subscribed to by Headline and Keyword Search for articles of over 500 words, ensuring the search results are Articles on your chosen subject, not just references to the subject. An ideal tool for homework, special projects, discussion groups etc.

NewsBank includes:
Archives - 24 years of archive coverage from 1991
Special Reports - provide great ideas for classroom and homework projects on subjects such as Science & Health, Places
Hot Topics - takes students to what's making the news such as Crime, Sports, the Environment, Technology and much more
World Atlas - helps students place the stories that they find

NewsBank features:
Unlimited user access - for students and teachers throughout the school and from home, excellent for homework projects
Currency - daily updates keep researchers in touch with developing events and issues
Full-text - each newspaper article includes the full-texts of all stories
Easy Searching - by basic or advanced keywords or of individual, multiple newspapers or the entire collection simultaneously
Search Results - include the first paragraph of each article, not just the headline
Compare - headline priorities, perspectives and writing styles between newspapers
An invaluable research tool - newspaper archives are the most widely used resource in libraries, they cover virtually all topics, and archived newspaper content is ideal for tracking issues and trends. Coverage: statistics, verbatim quotes, facts, analysis, historical perspectives, obituaries etc. Also cover current issues and events in a simple "Who, What, When, Why, Where and How" format
Access available by IP address or username and password, also mobile optimised, to work on mobile devices.

All Six NewsBank Collections include the following Newspapers (contact us for title lists for each Collection):
Daily Mail: Business Coverage
Daily Mirror & Sunday Mirror
Daily Telegraph & Sunday Telegraph
Express & Express on Sunday
Guardian & Observer
Independent & Independent on Sunday
Times & Sunday Times

UK National Student Edition
The smallest and most cost effective Collection which includes just the 7 Newspapers listed above

UK Custom News: UK Collection
Includes approximately 100 titles, made up of 18 Nationals and 82 Regionals, including the 7 Newspapers listed above PLUS the Financial Times (30 day embargo)

UK Custom News: Scotland Collection
Includes approximately 111 titles, made up of 11 Nationals and 100 Regionals, including the 7 Newspapers listed above PLUS the Financial Times (30 day embargo)

Access England
Includes approximately 615 titles, made up of 22 Nationals and 593 Regionals, including the 7 Newspapers listed above PLUS the Financial Times (30 day embargo)

Access UK & Ireland
Includes approximately 866 titles, made up of 18 Nationals and 848 Regionals, including the 7 Newspapers listed above PLUS the Financial Times (30 day embargo)

Access World News: Research Collection
Over 11,000 news sources including all newspapers from all of the other UK Collections PLUS thousands more

A few endorsements from NewsBank subscribers:

"We have subscribed to Newsbank Newspapers for many years and it is a resource used across the school particularly by the Headmaster, English Department and sixth formers doing their EPQ. It is reliable, user friendly and broadly useful for information searching in a way that is difficult to match with other online products on the market"
Librarian, Nottingham High School

"Newsbank allows our students to access and search the breadth of national newspapers, and luckily for us our local newspaper too. It supports them in their wider research which is a critical part of their studies especially at Post 16"
Thomas Deacon Academy

"If I could have only one on-line resource, Newsbank would be it. I could not manage without it"
Librarian, Haileybury

Suggestions for promoting Online resources, Librarian, Roedean
"Recently I've been promoting our online resources in general via posters for each subject area. I list the online resources including Newsbank on the poster and give subject departments a copy of the poster for their classrooms. On the poster is a QR code, which when scanned, allows the girls to access the electronic version of the poster on our school intranet via their phones/iPads so they can just click on the links. We always have a link to Newsbank on our library catalogue web page, which is accessible via the school intranet"

All NewsBank resources provide unlimited user access at a single site, plus remote access for use from home.

Annual subscription prices for Educational establishments are based on the number full time students (FTEs)- please contact us with your FTE count for a quotation. 

Format: Online
Key stage: 3, 4, 5
Age range: 11-19

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